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Replacing Wig Snap Clips

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Most wig wearers have probably experienced the following scenario: After a year of wearing your favorite wigs one of the snap clips breaks or sometimes comes loose. Usually a wig wearer will bring the wig to their sheitel macher who probably charged $10-$20 to replace the clip, when in actuality the clips are available for less than $1.00 and all it takes is a little sewing skill.  My recent situation was that I bought a wig over the internet that did not come with side snap clips, only a center comb which I found basically useless for keeping it secure on my head.

Step 1: Obtain Snap Clips
I found a set of tree snap clips from Sally's Beauty for $1.99. 
Hair Extension Clips
They had this light color pictured right, and black.  I bought the light one since the wig is blond. 

Step 2: Needle and Thread
First you must thread the needle.  I like to use about 4 feet of thread at a time because I was always taught to double up my thread and I had threading needles so I'd rather deal with a thread tangling then having to re-thread 3 times during the process.  I loop the thread through the eye of the needle, then make the 2 ends meet, I tie a knot by wrapping both ends around my finger a few times and then rolling tightly towards the end of the finger, it usually produces a little string that you can then pull on and the threads knot.  Or you can just knot the ends manually, but do not do a slip knot.

Step 3: Find Proper Clip Placement
It is very important to have the combs facing into the wig.  Once I spent 10 minutes sewing in a clip and I sewed them in facing out, which was incorrect, I then had to start over.  Secondly, I like to have my clips closer to the ears and father from the top of the temples, because when I used to have them by the temples (especially on falls) I would get terrible headaches.  Keep in mind that I do not even clip my clips, I just clip them to my head while open.

Step 4: Sew
For sewing the clips, I use the four holes on the clip and basically anchor each one to the wig.  Figure out which part of the wig will hold the first hole and loop the needle and thread through the wig cap, I usually make a little knot by looping my needle through the two attached threads and pulling to the end which the end knot will be against wig cap.  I then loop around the edge of the clip hole, into the cap, back up through the hole, about 3 or 4 times until it seems secure.  I then tie a knot on the tread to secure it.  I repeat the process for the three other corners of the clip.  I find it helpful to place the wig on a wig head inside out.  If you see the picture above you can see my white thread and how there are tiny knots securing each corner.

It is also a good idea to move your clips around every few months if you are having thinning hair or balding as a result of wearing your wig frequently.  Moving the clips should give the section of hair that has thinned time to regrow.  If you have a handtied cap please be very careful about not ripping your cap, it is best to sew the clips in the ear area, which is usually reinforced, they very edge of the wig should be stronger and serve as a good mounting point.  Additionally clips could be sewn into the bottom of the wig to allow the wearer to wear a more natural ponytail.

Hair Extension Clips

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