Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jew in the City's Freeda Wig Makeover

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I saw this video today and I like it for a variety of reasons.  First of all, an influential Jewish blogger gets a new gorgeous sheitel.  (Hey Freeda, where's AskChavi's Freeda Makeover?) Secondly, I really like how it provides a good view on what a typical NY wig salon looks like and how the process of buying a new wig goes. 

They highlighted a few important things. 
1. Make sure you are happy with the color of the wig
2. Make sure the wig fits perfectly
3. Have an idea of how you want the wig cut and styled
4. Let a good stylist cut and style the wig on your head

When I bought my Freeda Wig back in 2009 I didn't have the luxury to buy it directly from the Freeda Salon in Brooklyn.  I bought mine through a sheitel macher over the internet and did not get to see it in person until it arrived.  Although I had the option to return it, its so heartbreaking to send wigs back and forth through the mail.  If my out of town readers have the chance to buy a wig in person PLEASE DO.  It makes such a difference to see a wig in person and to have it cut by someone who knows what they are doing.  Either way, enjoy the video - its entertaining and showcases some very cute and trendy wig styles.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Quality Consignment Wigs

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Have any of my readers ever bought a used wig?  I have a reader who is looking for a shop that sells high-quality used/consignment wigs and sheitels.  We all know there is a huge sticker price on a wig being new and that a used wig immediately depreciates about 50% the minute you cut it.  Does anyone have a referral to such a business?  Ideally in the NY area, but maybe someone has a good online source as well?? THANKS


Does anyone know the sheitel macher Randi?

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A reader emailed me to ask if I knew the whereabouts of the sheitel macher Randi, who once provided an amazing wig cut.  Apparently she used to have a salon on East 19 and Avenue M.  Please post below if you know Randi's wherabouts.


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