Monday, March 14, 2011

Frizz Test

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I get a lot of emails during summer from women complaining about their "pouffy", "frizzy" wigs.  As it turns out, wigs that seem nice and beautiful in the salon can become huge and frizzy as soon as humid summer rolls around.  I heard a story of a particular sheitel shop where the woman runs a dehumidifier in the studio to keep the wigs smooth looking.  That is so deceptive!  As soon as that girl steps outside the wig could become frizzy.

Products can help, but sometimes its the particular hair type that is more prone to frizz than others.  Wavy hair that was blowdried straight will gradually get wavier as the humidity goes on.  I thought of this recently.  I took me and my Milano Bandfall to Florida in February (yes, it was fabulous).  Anyway, I wore my bandfall bump style, as it turns out my real hair was really frizzing up, but my processed Milano pretty much stayed the same.

Maybe it was the perfect combination of hair sprayed curling-iron-curls mixed with dirt and grime.   Either way, it worked out fabulously.

Then this morning the frizz test occurred to me.  I was running my shower on just hot for 10 minutes as I wasn't able to get into it as soon as I would have liked, and when I came back the windows and mirror were completely fogged and there was a thick layer of steam in there.  People should ask their sheitel machers if they can take it home for a night, uncut before they commit to buying it so they can test whether it will frizz in humidity.  You can create that humid environment in your very own bathroom!

Please note how much my real hair frizzed (without any product in it) contrasted with the Milano made of processed "European Hair'" and with some hairspray stayed flat. 


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