Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Raffaele Mollica Wig Video

Posted by Unknown at 10:33 PM
Raffaele Mollica, aka owner of Ralph Wigs has a very interesting video posted on his site about his custom wigs. To watch it go to and then click on the video link which is the bottom link on the bottom left of his site.

He talks about blending colors to create a natural look, creating a realistic skin top, and why the finer European hair is so desirable and hard to get. After watching the video I realized how much time and detail it must take to individually knot each hair onto the caps. Wow its impressive. His wigs are known for being in the extremely high end and expensive.

He was mentioned in a 1997 NY Times Article which can be read here.

I have never actually known anyone who actually owns a Ralph and would be interested to hear if any of my readers own or have ever owned one and whether it was worth all that money.  I was definitely impressed by his artistic approach to wig making shown in the video.  Seeing his custom work gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside that a machine sewn wefted wig just doesn't provide...


Anonymous said...

The Ralph wigs are about 6K and up. He does a lot of work for women in Hollywood..

Anonymous said...

ralph helped my mom many years ago and altho she passed 10 years ago my entire family holds ralph and his family close to our hearts. they are wonderful people.

Anonymous said...

I have worn my Ralph custom wig for 9 years. It is very comfortable & super natural looking. I bought mine in 2003 & the cost was $3800.

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