Sunday, January 9, 2011

Video: Dying a Wig at Home

Posted by Unknown at 12:17 PM
Here is a video I made of my most recent dye project. The wig was a human hair Milano Collection Wigs fall.  It was originally 12/14 but it oxidized.  I used Clairol professional hair color in shade 5AA lightest very ash brown with equal parts level 20 creme developer in hopes to dye it to a light ash brown shade. 

The project was not entirely successful, as the dye was not equally distributed throughout the hair.  I should have used twice as much dye and developer and spread the mixture throughout the hair while wearing gloves.  I believe the 20 minutes process time was correct. 

I found a great blog post in which the author (a professional colorist) explains how hair color works here.  


Anonymous said...

When I tried to dye my wig (as opposed to having it done prof.) a lot of hair fell out, and the front of the net- by the white part bunched up. Next time I'll spend the extra $$ to go to a prof!

Anonymous said...

can you do this with regular sheitel not a fall?

Unknown on June 5, 2011 at 6:17 PM said...

see this comment! it looks like a reader did it and it turned out great!

Unknown on September 18, 2011 at 11:02 AM said...

From a reader: Hi. Just watched your video on dying sheitles. Didn't look for a date, so please forgive me if it's too old to benefit from my two-cents of unsolicited suggestions below.

Please, there's a reason they provide gloves, so per package directions and self-protection, wear gloves when handling such toxic chemicals (as you said you would when closing the video).
Also, instead of laying the wig in a bucket and swishing it with a comb: mimic "shampooing" when applying the dye, then comb it in from all directions to ensure it's getting an even coating.

I speak from experience. About a year ago, someone gave me 2 sheitles of high quality. Their color was too red for me. I figured I had nothing to loose... I used an off the shelf hair dye on each and was happy with both slightly different choices of shades.

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