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How to Bump without Showing Hair

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Hi Chavi,
I read your post about the "Band Fall Bump Phenomenom".
I am wondering, what falls are you able to do that with so that you dont have the net/cap in front?
I am looking to purchase my first fall.
I cant afford a hat fall and band fall, so I am trying to find one that I can use for both.
When I use the band fall, I am not sure if I will have the band all the way in the front or I will have bangs added on. So I am looking for one that I can do that also.
However, while (at first) most of the time I will not be showing any hair at all, but as time goes by (and depending on the situation), I want to be able to have my hair like you describe in your post as I think it looks much more natural. I am also looking the it should be longer (some where between 18 - 20 inches). I have ash brown hair.
Are there any sheitels that you can point me to that will be able to worn as follows (while still looking good):
1) Hat Fall
2) Band Fall - Band all the way to hair line
3) Band Fall - with sheitel bangs added in front
4) With a "Band Fall Bump"

Readers, it took me a long time to think about this and then I realized I had a piece that I had not touched in years that was actually suitable to demo as a bump-fall without showing hair.  It obviously does not look as natural as integrating hair in the front, but I think it can actually be worn to look natural and trendy.  So I happened to have a Chinese haired processed Yaffa fall called "superfall" that I bought for about $200 before I knew ANYTHING about sheitels back in 2007.  It was a thick "horse-hair" type sheitel that had wayyyy too much height on top, which made it virtually impossible to wear with a headband, also it was extremely heavy and uncomfortable so I basically thought I had wasted my money.  HOWEVER, after playing around with it today, such a piece could be the answer to ladies who do not show any of their own hair and want to wear the trendy "bump" style.    I had some hesitations at first.  For example, falls are cut STRAIGHT across the forehead and therefore do not look natural since real hairlines have peaks and valleys, some women having larger widows peaks than others, but regardless no one's hair line is cut straight across like a wig.  Here are the pictures from the initial styling, looking quite WIGGY.

Improvised without washing and setting
Side View - gotta love the hairline

Then I thought of another idea, that if a little hair was taken from the bump in the front and instead integrated as a sweeping side bang, it could camouflage the straight hairline, thus making the wig look more "natural"

Lastly, I played around by inserting a foam roller under the bump to make it dramatic and more "Lady Gaga" like with ponytail bun. 

To answer your question, yes, you would need a fall that did not have the tape in front in order to bump without showing hair.  However, its a complex situation in that you want the fall the serve as a hat fall, headband fall AND bump fall.  This type of fall with a lot of volume on top would be terrible as a hat fall.  The falls with the rim in the front actually lay much flatter when putting a headband over them and be superior for use with a headband and would also work nicely with added wig bangs in front of the headband.  I am currently doing research into producing a realistic looking fall/sheitel that will cover all the hair and properly bump and be versatile.

Additionally, even though my Freeda fall does not have cap in front, the hair sewn in front is a very thin layer and does not allow for enough height because the hair behind it is wefted and thus going downward and not "upward" as we would need in order to bump.  A hand sewn multi-directional fall cap would be ideal to move in all directions necessary.  Also, I think its a much better idea to get a headband fall instead of a hat fall because a hat fall does not have that  many uses, whereas the right fall with a hat or scarf over it can look fine as a "hat fall"

The sheitel tag says: Yaffa, 100% Human Hair, Made in Korea.  Style: "Super Fall", Color: 16/8

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