Sunday, June 19, 2011

Setting a wig as a Pony

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Some of you may remember my review of my Freeda Riva which I purchased in 2008.  In the past year or so I had really gotten tired of the cut and texture and starting wearing my falls instead.  I didn't like how thickly the hair framed my face and I believe I look so much better with the hair out of my face like when I wear my fall.  A few months ago I decided to pull it back in a ponytail to make it wearable and I realized that it actually looked kinda good.  The problem however was that the wig was set in a deep side part meant for side part side bangs look.  So I decided to do a full wash and set (it was dirty anyway) and to change the multi-directional scalp part of the wig to be angled backwards so the hair fit nicely into a pony tail holder.

For instructions on washing please check out my other videos found here.  To change the part I very delicately combed (with a very wide toothed comb) small sections of the part backwards until the hairs were no longer parted to the sides.  This video starts once the hair was parted and divided into sections.  Not shown on the video is how small the sections I split the top layer into (about an inch wide) once I got to the multi directional part, to make sure the hair was blown flat.  Watch the video and enjoy!!!

The finished product turned out to be great!  I also changed it to be half up on Shabbat and it looked great because the top layer that was pulled back into the pony looked natural!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

MyHeadcoverings Sale for AskChavi Readers

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Dear Readers, I recently reviewed a few pieces that I received from MyHeadcoverings.  For the next week and a half AskChavi readers can receive a 10% discount on orders placed with by using code 'askchavi'.  Additionally, one lucky reader will be entered in the chance to win $20 credit from MyHeadcoverings!  All you have to do is check out and find your favorite item and then comment about the item on this post!! Double your chance of winning by liking MyHeadoverings on Facebook! Comments must be posted by June 15, 2011 to be eligible for the drawing!

I received my items quickly and in a secure padded envelope.  The items were nicely wrapped and very clean and presentable.  They have fast and affordable shipping to the United States and Canada. They also offer international shipping. 

Lurex Beret in Navy
The Lurex Beret was incredibly comfortable and stretchy.  I have a large head and have to wear a large or extra large sheitel so I was pleased that the beret fit over my head and could also be worn over a fall.  I actually was able to wear it with my hair tucked in and it was really cute.  I like the sparkly inside and the light weight.

Blue Floral Pre-tied Israeli Tichel
 The Israeli Pre-tied tichel was great because it combined my two favorite things: Israeli Tichels and Pre-tieds!  This is a great option for people who do not want to bother with tying an Israeli Style tichel but want the look of one.  It was very comfortable and the elastic held it onto my head securely.  

Glitter Stripes Pre-tied Head band in White and Gold
The pre-tied headband is made of very stretchy material that is very comfortable and does not hurt my head, even though I have a large head.  I like that it is wide but can also be folded to be narrower.

Azhur Knit Crochet Snood with Sparkle in Black

I love my new black Azhur knit crochet snood and I think it is very beautiful.  I love that it is sparkly and I love that it is black so it matches everything.  I wear it as a snood but showing two fingers width in the front.  It also looks great covering all of the hair, as shown in the video above.  It is lined so absolutely no hair will show through. 


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