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Wig Review: FeatherLite Sheitel

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I was randomly contacted by a reader a few weeks ago who wanted to share a positive review of their FeatherLite wig.  Coincidentally, I had just emailed their owner to request an interview and to get more information about the brand and AW's email came on the same day, which was extremely ironic and unplanned! 

Review of a FeatherLite Wig
AW, Toronto, Canada

I heard about this company wig from another sheitel macher in my city who really spoke highly about Isadore Sternhill. I went to Isadore who took one look at me and pulled out what she thought would be perfect for me and it was! When my 6-year-old daughter saw me wearing it the first time, she said it looks like a princess sheitel! It has the most sleek and shiny hair, guessing about 18 inches long and the colour is probably about an 8/6.  The price was $2100.  It barely needed any cutting – just side bangs and the ends trimmed.  I’ve worn it both up in a ponytail and down.  It is almost a year old and the color is the same as when I bought it even after wearing it the whole summer and over a few weeks in Miami!

I have a big head so Isadore stretched the cap for me over a few wash and sets and it is very comfortable and lightweight.  I’m the type who takes of her sheitel in exchange for a prettied bandana as soon as I walk in the door but this sheitel I leave on and forget I’m still wearing it.I’ve received excellent customer service from Isadore as well.  She takes the time to show me “tricks” like the best way to “fold” a sheitel for travelling so it takes up as little space as possible and sewed in new clips for me when mine started to bend.  She even suggested to me to just wash the sheitel myself to save money since it’s so easy to handle since it dries straight and just needs a bit of flat ironing.

Chavi: What is the hair texture like?

AW: Smooth and super sleek.  It's a fine hair.

Chavi: Does the hair frizz?
AW: Not at all!

Chavi: Do you use any hair products on it (aside from shampoo and conditioner)
AW: nothing! In fact Isadore recommended to not add anything as it may weigh down the hair.

Chavi: Does it ever get knotty?
AW: Never knotty.  Occasionally tangly in the back when it's due for a wash but probably bc of my winter coat. 

Chavi: Would you recommend to a friend?
AW: Yes,  and I have already! My mother even went to take a look!

Chavi: Do you feel it was a good value based on the price/quality ratio?
AW: Definitely.  I was told a comparable Shevy would be $3000.

Chavi: How do you compare this wig with other wigs you've owned?  Is it the best, your favorite?
AW: It is by far my best and I've been wearing wigs 10+ years.


Anonymous said...

I just found this blog. This is such a good idea and so informative. I have a featherlite wig also and found that what AW (above) said, is what I'm finding to be true with mine as well. I've had it for about 7 months and it has stayed true to it's colour. I wash it myself as often as i want and it always comes out as soft and silky as the time before. I went to choose a shaitel from Isadore Sternhill and she knew right away which one would be the perfect one. I basically put it on and walked out. I still haven't cut it and it looks fresh and nicely layered.
She really gave me a lot of her time and explained everything about the product to me that I wanted to know. My last wig was about the same price and was a few inches shorter, and started falling apart after 4 years. I wear this one every single day and i can see that it has not changed in quality at all since the first day. I'm looking forward to many more wears:)
SP-Toronto, Canada

Shaindy said...

My friend got a shaitel from Isadore Sternhill, it's stunning. Looks so natural and easy, and the hair is so nice.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Article! Isadore really uses all the best quality materials to makes he sheitels look great!

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