Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chavi crashes Shaina Wigs sale

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Shaina Wigs came to town.  I decided to go to the sale to see what Shaina Wigs had to offer.  The representative brought SO many wigs to the sale.  Unfortunately, since they were brought from NY they were mostly in suit cases so it was hard to find stuff, and I couldn't even see everything unless I wanted to sift through multiple bags.  

I saw wigs in M, L, and XL.  XL fit me the best, but some L were okay.  M was definitely too small for me.  I was mainly interested in seeing what Shaina wigs were like.  Shaina Wigs are made from Mongolian Hair, and the representative was open about announcing that when asked at the sale, which I appreciated.  (some brands are elusive about the origin of their hair) 

I felt there was a wide range in the quality, feel and look of the wigs.  Some looked really natural while others looked very processed and dyed.  Some had a shine to them that was so shiny that they almost looked like synthetics, but I knew they were processed human hair.  I felt the dark #2 wig I tried on looked very good and felt really soft and silky.  However the lighter wigs ranged in quality.  

I think its probably obvious that it would be rare to find a Mongolian person with naturally long blond hair, or even short blond hair.  Therefore, I feel its safe to assume that the lighter colors are dyed.  I tried on a really long ashy light brown wig that was 24 inches.  It was so long that I was almost in disbelief.  People at the sale felt the color looked good on me, but I couldn't get over the uncut length, it would be hard for me to walk around in such a long wig.  Also, there is something about the way it reflects light that I didn't like. 

Then I started to be really into the "Rivkie" color combination fall, which is what they call their mixed blond.  I tried on two different Rivkie falls, one around shoulder length, and the other that was probably about 20".  I liked the shorter one, but it was too small on my head.  I felt the hair quality was much finer versus the long blonde fall that was a little thicker and hence heavier.  The colors were also slightly different, as you will be able to tell in the album below.  

The caps were closed wefts with a large multi-directional white-part top.  The falls did not have a multi-directional cap.  

Their prices are reasonable compared to many other sheitel companies in the NY area.  I didn't ask about warranty, so I have no idea.  They are willing to ship wigs to people around the country, so it could be an option for people who live "out of town".  However, because there is a large range in quality among the wigs I would recommend hand-picking the wig you want after comparing it to others in the same color/length range.  

These type of wigs (factory produced wigs from China made from Mongolian hair) are becoming very common in the sheitel industry and are selling around Shaina's price point.  I get a lot of questions about new wig brands often.  Usually its some sheitel macher who throws her name on a sheitel like these and starts selling a new "brand".  I usually tell my readers the same thing: its possible to find a quality wig at these prices made of Mongolian hair, but you have to pick a good piece since they are all made from different people's hair.  Also, there are so many brands so find a brand that has good quality control and that perhaps has a warranty in the case of a lemon.  

This is a link to Shaina's price page showing the lengths.
These are very long wigs for their prices.  So I guess if you are really particular about length and wear a dark color, this wig may work for you.  Its possible even a blonde could last awhile, but I'm sure as quality varies from piece to piece.  I did not buy anything.  Not because I wasn't tempted, but because I do not need a new sheitel right now. 


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