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Ombre Effect Sheitel

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Sheitel trends in the US tend to follow trends in the regular hair industry.  Usually wig styles err towards the slighly more conservative, but certain "risky" styles have persevered.  For example, a few years ago women were buying really short bobbed wigs while Victoria Beckham had the style.  However the trend ended, her hair is now longer and many sheitel companies are liquidating their very short wigs because they have many left over that no one wanted to buy full price. 
Following hair trends can be risky for the wig wearer.  Cut the wig too short, and there's nothing you can do to grow it back.  Add bangs? Once bangs are cut, there's no going back.  (A temporary option for bangs is to actually buy a separate bangs piece and clip it in when you want to wear a bang/fringe style)
Then there are hair color trends.  For years the only types of hair color were solid (full wig dyed) or highlights/lowlights (thin strands or thick chunks colored a different color).  Now the color-blocking trend in fashion as crossed into the sheitel industry:
Ombre Hair.  Ombré is a French word meaning gradient, and was a method for dying fabric so the color ranges gradually from light to dark.  When done right this method of hair color can mimic nature, in that the ends are lighter than the roots and gradually change color as if you hair has grown that way.  It allows for more time between appointments, as opposed to the "dark roots look"  that many women with colored hair have.  Ombre done right can be amazing and truly a work of hair coloring art. 
I think it looks most natural when the gradient range is limited.  For example, a dark brown #2 might naturally range to a reddish #6 but its unlikely she could have had naturally light blonde hair.  I think this style can look very natural on dirty blondes whose hair can naturally get lighter in the sun.  However, doing any color on a sheitel is risky, considering most sheitels are made of dyed hair nowadays so they may not react properly to the chemicals.  And once the trend is over, correcting the color will cause even more damage. 
The ombre dying process takes skill.  The color (or lift) at the ends has to be applied the longest, to get the lightest color, while the pieces in between should be applied for varying times as to make a natural gradient.
But here is a picture of the ombre sheitel which was spotted in the USA.  What do you guys think of the trend?
Wig with Ombre Effect


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