Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sheitel Color Makeover by Brian

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I wanted to share pictures of the awesome work Brian in Los Angeles did on my old Sheitels.  The new color really revitalized these two wigs.  The full wig is a Freeda purchased in 2008 and the Band Fall is a Milano Collection fall purchased in fall 2009.  I think they have held up really well considering they are 4-5 years old!!  Adding color is much cheaper than buying a new wig.  I like how Brian added roots on the full sheitel and beautiful highlights. On the fall he made a lot of highlights and darker ash on the top to integrate nicely with my real hair. The best thing is that I didn't even have to drop them off in person!  I mailed the wigs to him and he colored them remotely and returned them to me.  I sent him a picture of my real hair so he could match the fall perfectly.  I highly recommend his work!  

(310) 499-6836
Milano Band Fall wig Before
and After:

Freeda Wig Before Pics 
and After:

Here's more pictures!!!: Pictures of Wigs!!

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