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Deep Conditioning Mask and Conditioner for Wigs

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Dear Chavi,
I recently bought a ^____ wig and was sorely disappointed by the constant knotting and coarseness of the hair(thisi s my third ^_____- I think Ill be going to milano now). After arguing with them for awhile they finally sent me home with my sheitel and a a cup of deep overnight conditioner. WOWZERS it was amazing.  Still dont care for _____ much as the hair falls out waaaaaay too easily, but I need to know what this magic stuff was. I have used many deep conditioners and even brought it to a professional for a deep conditioning with less than great results.  Any idea on what this amazing conditioner can be?? thanks. Also I have a wavy *_____ pony that gets soo poofy even with all the anti frizz and oils. any ideas on how to tame that one?

Dear RR,
Some deep conditioner and oils are a great way to go.  The masks are typically applied and left on for awhile and then rinsed out.  Follow instructions for best results.  Let's go over some good choices.  Don't apply the conditioners to the wig caps, just to the ends, and beware that the oils can leave the wig looking greasy if you apply too much or don't properly rinse.

Here are the two best masks I recommend for that first restorative measure!

Argan Oil Mask - this is a newer product on the market.  It has amazing reviews.  


For general maintenance I like: Keratin Vanilla Bean.  This stuff makes the hair look so shiny and blowdry with a sleek finish.

Biosilk Serum - I recommend this for last minute touchups, like the wig is already done but looking really DRY and frizzy.  But beware!! This stuff goes far, use the tiniest amount, distribute on your hands and distribute evenly and sparsely.  This stuff got me through high school when my nickname was "carpet head" because of all the flyaway frizz I had when my hair was in a pony tail.  

I haven't tried this last one but it looks amazing!!  Its all natural, sulfate-free and fabulous.  


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