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Dear Chavi: Summer Frizz... HELP!!!

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I am having problem with 2 of my sheitls lately.I cant get them straight!My hair stylist says she cant get them flat and straight like I like, I called my s.m. who told me she has been habing problems and reciveing calls lately from other customers having the same problem. The hair is untreated and natural, and has no chemicals in it, so apparently the humidity of the summer is creating these problems. Does this make sense? Is it happening to you? Could I have over styled them and they will never be the same again?Help!
I have owned my sheitls for just over a year now and have washed 1 about 6 times and the other 2x. Could I have ruined the wig by doing so/ they r both pouffy now,and can't be bothered to wear them.Should I wait till the end of summer and then rewash and style.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Usually a wash and set won't ruin a wig.  What kind of wigs are they?  Did you wash them yourself?  Do you live in a humid climate? 

virgin russian hair.  I send them to my stylist. Its been very humid and muggy. More so then usual is 6 times a year too much? I got nervous bc my stylist told me she can't get it stick straight. I called my s.m and she told me she has been having the same issues with her hair(the wigs)and had to bring a de-humidifier into her show room. My shetils are made by a lady named yonit. She uses only virgin unprocessed hair. 

6 times a year is not too much.  I know women who get their sheitels washed monthly.
I think the problem here is absolutely the weather and the humidity.  I wouldn't worry.  Did the hair look stick straight when you first bought it?

It was straighter, but i think b/c it was not as hot as it is right now...All my sheitl from the lady i bought are pouffy now, the only one that isnt is a processed one from another company...I will retry again in late aug to wash it again.  Thanks so much! -NP
I would purchase some Biosilk Silk Therapy Serum.  This stuff is amazing.  A little goes a LONG way.  It is great for de-frizzing.  All you do is put a pea-sized drop in your palm, rub it with your hands and spread evenly over the sheitel.  I would avoid the root area.  You can also then brush and comb through to evenly distribute.  If you use too much the hair can end up oily.  It helps smooth fly-aways down.  I used to use it on my natural wavy/curly hair and it worked wonders whether air dried curly or blow dried straight.  Keep in mind that VIRGIN unprocessed hair is going to react to humidity the same way as the hair that grows on our heads does.  Using salon-grade products as directed will not damage your sheitel and can provide the look you desire. 


Anonymous said...

I am a bit disturbed that a sheitel macher would bring a dehumidifier into her showroom. It cripples the purchaser's ability to properly assess hair texture and quality. If I saw a stick straight sheitel in July, I'd be more likely to think that the hair is processed than virgin.

-- F

Devorah on July 22, 2010 at 9:57 PM said...

Biosilk totally works wonders, I second that reccomendation!

Anonymous said...

I have been washing and conditoning my wigs for many years. I was lucky to hear about Neutrogena Triple Mask conditioner and I think it is the absolute best for taming dry and frizzy hair.
I wash the hair,(always wash on a polystyrene head to prevent hairs from working their way into the inside of the cap), rinse well, dissolve a small blob of the conditioner in a small drop of hot water in a bowl or basin, add cold water so that the solution is tepid and then immerse the wig so that all of it gets the benefit of the conditioner water. I don't rinse it, I finger comb or brush it gently (just once, wet hair doesn't like brushes!)into shape and I let the water drain out of the hair from root to tip. Air dry. Hope this helps.
But all hair suffers in hot and humid conditions, a fact of life, unfortumately.

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