Monday, November 1, 2010

Synthetic Wigs?

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What is the deal with synthetic wigs? Why are they so cheap? How do they compare to human hair?? In the video below I discuss a $30 synthetic that I bought on Ebay.

The color of the wig turned out to be very different from how it appeared in the listing. However, I still enjoyed trying it on and I may wear it some night soon. 
Original Listing
I think synthetics are a great way to try out a new color, hairstyle, length or texture.  So many of us spend a lot of money on a wig only to realize later that we hate how we look in it.  More information in my 8 minute video... LOL i get carried away!

Anyway, I bought the wig from Ebay seller fashion1658.  It shipped immediately after payment and arrived promptly.  

What are your thoughts on synthetics?? 


Sweet P said...

Hi Chavi!

Great site! I'm always checking to see if you have any new posts-this time you did! Yay!

What's the deal with curly synthetic sheitels? Would they keep their curl, or would they get frizzy? I'm thinking of getting one to use as a hat/bandanna fall. What do you say? Also, can you explain (maybe on a post of its own) why it's not as important for falls to be made of higher quality hair? I don't get that...

Great video. Keep up the good work!

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