Sunday, October 2, 2011

Discontinued Freeda Wigs on Ebay

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Hello Readers,
One of my readers purchased one of the discontinued Freeda wigs being sold on Ebay and she wanted to share her experience.  The main difference between these Freeda Wigs and current wigs are that Freeda uses multi-directional stretch caps now, whereas many of these online are open wefts and some being mono filament (no skin part).  She was very happy with her purchase and shared the following information with me:

I recently bought 2 gorgeous Freedas from an Ebayer who sells discontinued wigs.  I noticed on your blog that Freeda has changed their standard cap to stretch. So these are mono top wefted caps - if that might give an indication of how long ago they were made.

I assume that the wigs are processed because the color is a *perfect* 2-Darkest brown.  I hope to High Heaven that the cuticle has not been stripped, not what I would expect from a Freeda.

I've been covering my hair for 9 years, and have owned expensive Shevy's and cheap Judy''s and Yaffa's - The Freeda's I got on Ebay are at least as beautiful as my Shevy Semi-custom, and extremely comfortable. I tested for cuticle, and sure enough, there was resistance and a squeak :)

I washed and air dried the wigs (they dried slightly wavy - nice!).  The hair is still silky soft and holds a decent curl from the curling iron.  Would no doubt be better from a set.  I am SO happy with these sheitels I can't tell you.  Just like it never bothered me to have "last year's" anything - so too with the sheitels.  The Ebay seller had excellent communication and unlike a sheitel macher, I could return the wigs if didn't want them after all.  Please feel free to write about my experience on your blog.  Attached is a photo of the sheitel the day I got it.

I paid $119 for the freeda "goldie". Actually, I bought 2 :). Its 14" ehh mono scalp. It comes pre cut to wear as a fall, but it has a full cap and I prefer to wear it as a reg sheitel. I put some layers in and it looks great. Like I mentioned earlier, its at least as nice as the shevy I got when I first got married. the seller said the retail price was 1200, and that seems right. No complaints with a 90% discount :)


Unknown on October 3, 2011 at 11:28 AM said...

Here is a link to the seller's EBay Page

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