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Slip No More Headband Review

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Its pretty unbelievable that I went this long without ever trying a wig-securing headband.  I figured that I was satisfied with the "status quo" of using clips mainly because my wigs never came loose and because my clips never hurt my head because I never clipped them too tightly (or at all).  However, I was sent the Aishes Slip No More Headband to try and I am excited to share my experience with you.

I know I mostly blog about wigs, but I actually spend a lot of time not in a wig, but in scarfs, bandanas, hats and snoods.  As it turns out Slip No More works great on them all.  For example, I wore the Slip No More Headband under my pre-tied bandana at the gym, and I'd hate to say that there have been times where the bandana had slipped back or even fallen off in the past when I was doing work on the floor.  I take Body Pump so for three of the tracks we are on our backs: chest press, triceps and abs so its important that my head-covering stays on.  With the Slip No More under my bandana I had no fear about it falling off.  In fact, the bandana stayed exactly in place, secured. 

The Slip No More worked great keeping an Israeli-style tichel on.  I was in disbelief that I had never thought of it before.  In fact I think it will help people keep on tichels in multiple layers which can be weighed down from their weight.  Tichels tend to slide back in general if you have smooth hair and this really helps.  Results with a loose beret: great (pictured left).  Amazingly it kept on a pre-tied tichel that ALWAYS slipped back because of its small size and material.  Now I can comfortably wear the pre-tied pictured below that I have always liked and bobby pins never kept on.   I have a large head and the size Large band fit me appropriately.  The velcro closure is about 1.5 inches wide so there is room for a slight size adjustments.

I used it with my old Milano Sheitel while outlet shopping which is now styled in a pony tail.  One of the worst thing about shopping and trying on clothes is pulling crew neck tops over a covered head because usually my wig gets pulled back or my tichels fly off and get stuck inside the shirt.  However, despite a lot of shirts coming on and off my wig stayed put.  It was cool not to have any clips secured to my hair.  Obviously I had to smooth down the hair that kept get frizzier and frizzier... I'm sure you ladies know what I'm talking about.

The only hair covering which I will not continue to use the band with is ironically falls (3/4 wigs).  I found that the band added a little extra height underneath the fall which made the fall look less natural.  Falls have a tendency to look fake because of their usual thickness contrasting with the flatness of ones real hair pulled back tightly.  I tried both the "Bump Fall" and a "headband fall" styling and both were less comfortable with the Slip No More on.  I will also attribute this to the fact that I never snap my clips closed when I wear my falls so they fit really comfortably anyway. 

I am really in love with the Slip No More when it comes to hats, scarves, full wigs and every other head covering on the planet.  I think the band could be helpful to people with no hair or thinning hair since they may not have enough hair to clip wigs to.  This headband will allow them to purchase "sheitel" type wigs rather than wigs that have to be bonded like lace front or vacuum.  Keep in mind that I purposely left the band showing in all the pics above for this blog posting but I do not recommend showing the band in general, though because of its dark brown color from far away it would really look like someone's hair unless you have light blonde or light red hair.  


Anonymous said...

I have a wig-grip (different brand, but I think that they are all the same) and it is AMAZING. I wore it with my sheitel during an unmedicated child birth, and when I finally got around to looking in a mirror about 27-hours after delivery (wearing the sheitel the entire time) it had moved MAYBE a half a centimeter. Amazing!

-- F

Anonymous said...

The bands are NOT all the same. The Slip No More is the original which has a patent pending on the design. It has been copied by all the other producers. It's so sad to see that even in the 'frum' world ethics falls by the wayside over a quick buck :(

raizel on April 1, 2012 at 11:18 PM said...

Ive been using these since they first came out and I cant live without it! Its teh difference between Pulling and fussing with my tichel all day or not having to think about it at all! Love it and wouldnt use any other brand!

Devorah on April 2, 2012 at 3:15 PM said...

I'm sold. Where can I get one?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous --

By "all the same," I meant the mechanism by which the bands work, obviously there are differences between companies--even in the best of circumstances--and if the Aishes company's intellectual property was stolen/violated then I certainly wish them the best of luck reasserting their legal rights.

I do not know much about patent law (and I am not a lawyer so nothing that I say should be construed as legal advice) but if Aishes has a patent pending and the other manufacturers refuse to cease and desist/insist that they are halachically entitled to keep producing and/or selling bands according to the Aishes model, it may be worth consulting with Da'as Torah or a Beis Din to determine the applicable halacha and proceed accordingly.

I am very sorry if my words caused anyone any hard feelings.

-- F

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