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Miri Wig Review

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Miri Wig Review
Submitted by reader.

How Long have you had this wig?
The wig is a year and 2 months old, and b'h still looks great!

Please rate the wig in the overall categories A-F:
Weight/comfort: A- It is pretty long, so it can get a bit hot for me or cumbersome, but prob all long wigs do
Hair quality: A+ does not frizz, looks shiny and nice
Skin top: A- Its a bit small of a skin top so the part sometimes shows 
Durability: A so far so good
Appearance: A- the curls don't always hold so well, but i just refresh w/ a curling iron

Cap construction: closed wefted stretch cap

How does the wig fit?
The cap was a large becauseI had very long super thick hair when I bought it. I ended up cutting my hair really short & it felt a bit loose, so I wear a wig grip underneath and it fits really well. It does not ride up in the back, which makes me very happy.

Is it Comfortable?
yes and it does not cause headaches.

Does the hair tangle easily?
The hair by the neck does tangle if I wear a winter coat, which I believe is common for longer wigs

Please describe the skin top.
Skin top is a bit smaller than I would like, so sometimes it shows by the part- If i don't part it properly when I style it myself.

Have you ever washed the wig yourself?
I did wash it myself before shavuous, it was very easy to wash and style and looked very shiny and great
The hair was not highlighted after I bought it, I'm not sure if the hair is virgin or not.

Where did you buy the wig?  Directly from Miri Wigs?
I did not buy the wig directly from Miri, I bought it from a shaitel macher here in lakewood that sells Miri wigs. I would be happy to give you her name and number. She was super to work with- I was able to take the wig home over shabbos and make sure I liked it and it didn't knot, etc before purchasing it, so I was much more at ease buying it.  The wig was not custom, but I ordered from the sheitel seller by bringing in one of my older sheitels for color comparison.  she ordered a few for me to try on before I chose one to purchase. 

What was the price?
I paid about 2200 including the cut and styling. 

Are you happy with the sheitel?
I am b'h very happy with both the shaitel and the seller and would highly recommend both!


Bmom on August 15, 2015 at 10:50 PM said...

Could I get the contact info for the sheitel macher you used? Thank you!!

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