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Tips to Reduce Frizz and Increase Shine in Airdried Wavy Hair Wigs

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Hi Chavi,

Thanks so much for all of your amazing tutorials on Sheitels. What your doing is amazing and really empowering. I used your tutorials and a few others as guides to washing, conditioning and drying my own sheitel. You must get a lot of questions but I have been trying really hard to find a video or a blog that address in about drying a sheitel but it’s been a little hard. If you have a second I hope you will be able to answer my question, and maybe even be able to have ideas for future ‘how to’ content on your blog.
So, my issue is that I have a wavy-ish human hair sheitel from Freeds that is a precut. It’s really nice, but the hair is a big coarse. I don’t really the ‘done’ look, but I do like the hair to be shiny and feel really good and smooth and healthy .  I have been finding that even when I send the Sheitel  Macher, the sheitel tends to feel dry at the tips (towards the front area) of the sheitel and get a tad frizzy in the back just after a week or two.  So because the hair is coarse.. perhaps it needs more touching up more frequently perhaps? So I started to try to wash and condition, and dry myself.   The results were that the ends of my sheitel hair feel very dry! I  used Shikai shampoo as well as nature’s gate aloe conditioner (both have ‘natural’ easy going ingredients) Then, to dry it, I hung it on something and put a fan in front of it, but it looked really frayed and messy afterward…  can you help me to trouble shoot?  I have a baybliss hair dryer…but didn’t use it because I like the natural wave in the sheitel and wasn’t sure how to maneuver the hair dryer to keep that wave.
 If you could try to pretty please give me some hints as to how I can successfully dry the sheitel so it’s nice and silky again that would be amazing. Note: I looked at your tutorial on drying a wig and really like the hint about how to use the curling iron…but I only have hair a hair dryer.. so pls let me know if I need to buy a curling iron if I want to keep my natural waves… or if there is a way to keep my sheitel ends silky (or just not dry and frayed) without these tools. Thank you so much!!
also -- I may need to "deep condition" and not sure what product to use..and not sure if my hair has been dyed or not.. do you recommend one? thanks so much

Dear S,
Thank you for your very detailed questions!  I am glad you have found my blog to be so useful and I hope my advice helps.  There are a few issues you are addressing:

1. Hair Texture (coarseness)
2. Shine
3. Dryness
4. Styling tips for wavy wigs

1. Texture... not much can be done about the texture of the hair except for chemical treatments like Brazillian Blowout, Keratin, etc.  Products and drying technique can change the look and feel of the hair though. 
2. Shine and "dryness" can be addressed with products.  A deep conditioning treatment could add moisture to the hair.  Avoiding gels which make the waves feel crunchy, etc.  There are products that can be applied before or after drying, or sprayed on hair just to elicit shine.  For "Shine" alone you could try a bit of Biosilk (apply VERY small amount as too much makes the hair look wet)

3. Dryness can be solved with deep conditioners.  I love Coppola Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner, 7-Ounce Tube - just make sure you rinse it out ALL the way, because it can leave kind of a greasy looking residue.  Also try the Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream (link below)

4. Air dried hair is going to look less sleek and smooth than blowdried hair.  Blowdryers are blowing the cuticle to lay smoothly in the same direction.  However, since you do not like the "done" (styled) sheitel look which typically involves a fancy blow out with some curls at the ends... with the help of products, frizz can be reduced in air drying but another option would be to blowdry with a diffuser. (link below).   Apply a styling product on wavy hair before drying.  like this Devaconcepts DevaCurl Styling Cream, 5.1 Oz

So try products... and try a diffuser.
Deep conditioning is good... shine is good... taming frizz is good!


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