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Alternative way to Dye - from AskChavi Reader

Posted by Unknown at 10:04 AM
Hello Chavi,
I read your blog and watched the videos and I just loved all of it! I do my own sheitels and I am always looking for ways to do it better :) I have colored my sheitels and I have found a way to do it without ruining the skin part. I have colored almost all my sheitels :) I just colored my Milano sheitel and it came out so nice and natural :) it was Naomi color (very, very blond with lots of highlights) and now it is dark blond with light blond highlights. My fall oxidized and became too light and I colored it light brown. So here is how I do it. I either buy professional hair color and peroxide separately or a hair coloring kit. I mix the color according to the instructions & then I mix it with 1 quart of warm water and stir until color is mixed really well (make sure there are no globs of color or they will adhere to the hair strands and make a sheitel appear blotchy). Then I put my sheitel in and make sure it is saturated throughout with the mixture. I usually leave it in the mixture for 15 to 25 min depending on the desired effect. If I want to just slightly darken a really blond wig, I leave it on for 15 min, if I want it to saturate well with color and the wig is darker blond, then for a bit longer. Afterward I rinse it well and then wash it as usual. I did lighten one sheitel and it came out nice as well. I would not recommend using ashy colors as they tend to turn hair greenish tint. I usually use natural colors and they work really well. I hope this info is useful.
Here is the website from where I got the info on wig coloring:
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Rose said...

If you immerse the piece in dye, how do you prevent the skin top from taking colour?

Devorah on September 5, 2010 at 11:05 PM said...

I brought my sheitel to a regular salon and neglected to tell them not to blow dry. YOU MUST BE SPECIFIC when going to a salon. They did bizarre things to it, but my sheitel macher fixed it up, it's not the style it was before, but I got a lot of compliments on it and someone who knows me well asked in a whisper if it was my real hair. The dye job itself was great.

Unknown on September 6, 2010 at 10:59 AM said...

I am glad you are happy with your new color! Its true that regular salons don't regularly style wigs so you must be specific.

Sarah said...

Chavi, thanks SO much for posting this! I also saw your video on YouTube and decided to try it. I have a challenging color, given that I am a strawberry - blonde - more - toward - copper. I was tired of blotchy dye painted on at the shaitel macher -- in order to avoid dyeing the scalp, they were always leaving space between the hair and the scalp.

I decided to try this method and "chance it" with an old shaitel by using hot water instead of warm.

I did a strand test and decided that the "copper blonde" color was too orange. I got another color, a more auburn shade, mixed both together and did another strand test --- perfect!

I mixed the two dyes in a negel vasser bowl with hot water (I used bottled drinking water so there would be no chlorine, etc) and used less "copper blond" and all of the auburn dye --- mixed VERY well and dunked.

I looked after 10 min and decided to take the shaitel out, rinse and dry it --- it didn't need any more color than that! I decided to take my second shaitel and give it a dunk, too! That one is a bit dry and after five minutes, I took it out, rinsed and dried it -- good thing I didn't leave it in any longer --- it is the perfect shade of auburn-copper-blonde!

So I shampooed both shaitels, conditioned and dried them --- NO blotches at all! I wish I had taken before and after photos.

Also, I should mention that I used a dye that can be found at Whole Foods -- it had no smell at all. The brand is "Tints of Nature".

You have ended my struggle with color! I will no longer be worried about purchasing a shaitel that isn't the exact color I want because now I know I can "fix" it: I am SO happy! I do think that perhaps using hot water instead of warm water helped the dye to set better.

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Unknown on June 5, 2011 at 6:17 PM said...

Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing your dying adventures!

Anonymous said...

I'm a natural redhead, but tend to favor light brown wigs as I feel that the more reddish ones look to dyed and "wiggy." These directions worked perfectly for me to be able to dye a wig that was too much of an ashy-light brown wig to a warmer reddish brown.
I used a do-it-yourself dye kit that I had bought in a supermarket and prepared the creme dye according to the package directions. Then once I had mixed it, I added it to a quart of hot water and submerged the wig in the solution in a glass lasagna pan for 30 minutes. I rinsed and conditioned in cold water immediately after removing the hair from the dye. The "scalp" was perfectly preserved and my wig no longer looks green in the sunshine. Thanks!

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