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Wig Review: Dark Brown Wavy Yaffa Wig

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AK was generous enough to share her kallah (bridal) sheitel saga with AskChavi.  She had such a horrible experience with her first wig purchase that it caused her to stop covering her hair for an entire year!  Although the wig appeared to be made with beautiful European hair, the wig was so heavy and uncomfortable that she couldn’t wear it without getting awful headaches.  I hope all wig wearers learn the importance of having a well-made light cap that fits properly from this post.  Some women are happy with their Yaffas but I have also heard from a number of women who had bad experiences with their Yaffa wigs.  Keep in mind when purchasing a wig that you need to wear it for long enough in the salon in order to see if it will be comfortable long term.  Also, its normal for long wigs to be heavier than short wigs so keep that in mind when selecting a style.

Bangs are integrated with wig in picture.
AK’s wig was a pre-made 22-inch wavy wig in #4 (dark brown).  It had the standard Yaffa wig cap and advertised as European hair.

What made you decide to purchase a Yaffa?  Where did you hear of the brand?
I was offered a deal through a friend of my mother’s and I thought they were a good brand.

Did you purchase it from the Yaffa salon or from a sheitel macher?

Yaffa salon.

What was your favorite aspect of the sheitel?

None LOL. It was shiny and the color was nice.

What was your least favorite aspect (or what could you change if you could)?

Everything - it was an uncomfortable disaster.

What was the hardest thing about finding a sheitel as a kallah?

Not knowing anything and not having anyone to properly educate you.

Did the cap fit you well, was it comfortable? 

No it was so tight and uncomfortable.

Did it give you headaches? 

All the time. I was still in school when I first got married and I got such bad headaches that I used to have leave class sit in the bathroom stall and take it off for 5 minutes and just let my head throb.

Did the hair knot? 

That was the biggest problem. It knotted so badly and when I tried to detangle it clumps of hair came out. When I told the people at Yaffa this, they claimed it wasn’t being washed properly because it was a handmade cap which is garbage because they only make machine weft...

Do you think the skin top was really realistic?

The part was pretty good although the very front where it started could have been better.

Did you ever wash it yourself?  If so, did the hair knot when wet?

The hair didn’t knot so much it just came out in clumps. within 6 months it was half bald....

What quality hair was advertised to you and do you feel the hair was the same as advertised?

It was supposed to be virgin European. It did look and feel like it but based on how it stood up I doubt it. Some gay guy in California is wearing it now hope he’s enjoying it. lol

How much did you pay? 

In the end because my mom’s friend knew them, I got a raw deal like $350 but it was supposed to be $900 and I think originally $1800.  The entire situation dissolved the friendship between my mother and this woman. Never buy a sheitel through an arrangement like this.

How was the Yaffa customer service? 

Awful!  They were so mean to me and took forever to “fix” it the times I brought it in after, even though I told them it was the only wig I had.

Would you buy a Yaffa again?
Hell no.

Are you happy with your sheitel cut?  Would you get a different style next time?
It wasn’t included through Yaffa so I went elsewhere it was ok for what I paid.

Weight/comfort: F
Hair Quality: B
Skin top A-
Durability: F
Appearance: A
Cap Construction: F

and Overall: D-

Bangs are integrated with wig in picture


Anonymous said...

I had exactly the same experience with Yaffa. The hair tangled and shed so badly the wig didn't last for more than 2 months. Seeing it had cost me $570 I wasn't amused. Yaffa did take it back to add hair, but added the hair in even wefts, while it had shed unevenly. I ended up with an awkward uneven piece. They applied some detangler stuff, but it didn't help at all.
My guess is they don't align the hair properly and don't attach it properly. Badly aligned hair will not, but not shed per se.
I wasn't offered any other solution than to buy a piece in the $700 price range at a $150 discount. I didn't want to take another chance at a Yaffa, obviously. Later heard many similar complaints.

Anonymous said...

I had a very similar experience-I bought my first wig which was a Yaffa on Ebay and although hair looked nice it was so incredibly tight that I would get migraines after 5 minutes. Many of their wigs are also made of Asian hair which knots up and is courser than European hair. From the Ebay stock, unless the wig is over $1000 it is always Asian hair.

Anonymous said...

Almost all long human hair wigs in the < $1000 price range are made from processed Asian hair. Yaffa (quality issues aside) is not unique in this regard.

My (Michal) fall is processed Asian hair. While the hair is certainly not virgin European quality, the texture is quite good and it is not nearly as knotty as these wigs sound.

-- F

Anonymous said...

In the first post, I meant:
Badly aligned hair will tangle, but not shed per se. (So it was badly attached as well.)

Knotting is not an issue of hair origin, as long as the hair is either well aligned remy hair, or well decuticalised hair, it has no reason to tangle. Sometimes processed (=decuticalised) hair tangles, because some cuticles aren't removed properly.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the shedding. I have had 2 wefted Yaffa wigs-both shedded a lot from the mono top area-before even being washed. Both are made with Indian hair-so were "old stock" which I thought was the problem. I have removed the lace backing of the mono and used knot sealetr -that seems to have fixed the proble,but maybe the knotting on Yaffa's is an intermittent problem.

Anonymous said...

I've had around 5-6 Yaffas over the years and I've had none of these problems. The most expensive one was around $600. The cap was too small but they enlarged it for only $25--and it fits well enough now. It's remy hair, and oxidized after a while. I'm going to have it dyed soon. My experience is that if you wash them properly (as Chavi shows on the site) Yaffas are durable and last quite a while for what they are. I've moved on to a Claire now primarily because I couldn't get the ashy color I wanted, and I'm much happier with it, but my Yaffas were fine for what they were--machine made, processed human hair. Just my experience.

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