Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help! My wig REALLY hurts me.

Posted by Unknown at 10:21 AM
Dear Chavi,
I get terrible headaches from my fall.  The clips are so tight and I feel uncomfortable all day.  What can I do?

Dear R,

I have a few suggestions.  Guess what... I don't clip my side clips on my fall!  I put the center comb in and lightly place the open side clips lightly into my hair.  The placement of the side clips on the fall can also make a big difference.  I once sewed them in at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock and found them very uncomfortable.  I moved the clips to 3'o'clock and 9'o'clock and the comfort was like night and day!

Another suggestion, if you always wear your fall with a tight headband it can actually function to keep the fall in place, so you don't really need any side clips. 

It could also be uncomfortable because it could be the wrong size for your head.  If it is too small see if you can wear it further back from your hairline.  You could also have the cap stretched.  Some sheitel machers suggest wearing it over wet hair to stretch out the cap if it is too tight.  Any other fall wearers have suggestions??



Rose said...

A simple way of finding out if the fall fits, is to measure your head where the fall should sit, and to measure the fall on the inside. Compare the measurements and see if you need to stretch some parts of the fall. If it's all around, wearing the fall wet on your head helps, or stretch it wet on a styrofoam head, possibly lined with a cloth if the head is smaller than yours.

If possible (I only wear full wigs so I don't know much about falls), replace the clips by wire combs. These are usually more comfortable and do grip well on your own hair, even if it's slippery. I once tried a wig on with these sturdy wirecombs, and was surprised how it secured on my hair, even in front.

I hope your headaches are very soon over! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Milano Wigs sells the band grip and it keeps the wig on without clips or combs. I had the same problem but this was my cure! Definatly worth a shot - only $25 w/ shipping.

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