Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lace Front Wig vs French Top Wig

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I made a video showing the difference between a lace front wig and a french top wig.

The Lace Front Wig was loaned to me by Jacquelyn Wigs. 10-7 from their European Line
The French top wig (Sheitel) shown is a Milano Collection Ponytail wig which I own. 6/10/8

The Lace front wig is handtied and the transparent lace piece in front that gives the appearance of hair growing out of the wearer's head.  Additionally, the hair is sewn to go up and back off of the face and can be parted in any direction.  The most realistic way to wear the wig requires wig glue or wig tape, but I have seen some people who wear lace fronts without adhesive.

A French Top Wig has a multi-directional "skin top".  The hairs are sewn individually into several layers of material, the top layer synthetic silk material which looks like skin.  Each hair is tied into the material and pulled through the top layer of synthetic silk to give it the "skin top" look.   However, the hair direction goes forward, and there is usually a thin layer of hair in the very front of the wig (not coming out of the skin top) going forward into the face as well in order to create bangs.  Because of the multiple layers of fabric on the french top, this type of wig is more "durable" then the lace front which is  just a piece of lace.  However, if the lace front wig is treated properly and washed properly it can be maintained over time.  


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