Monday, June 28, 2010

My Intentions for AskChavi

Posted by Unknown at 7:47 AM
Dear Readers,

In the past two weeks that I have been writing AskChavi, I have received overwhelming positive feedback.  So many women are really clueless about their wigs, something that they wear everyday!  We are hungry for information and I am striving to provide it to you.  I really aim to do my best, and conduct thorough research before I answer each question. 

There are a lot of women searching online for wig reviews of different brands, and aside from some forums catering to Jewish women, allopecia patients and women with cancer, there is little information online on the topic.  In the next few weeks I plan on writing a review of a custom Shevy, a review of an Allegria (a little known but apparently high quality manufacturer of wigs from Canada) as well as any other brand I can get my hands on.

I also want to talk about the different types of cap construction on the market today.  There is a lot of advertisement for the Milano Freedom Cap, which is apparently clip and combless.  I wonder how exactly this stays on without being super tight.  Also, why do so many of us have to be unhappy with our wigs??  We are spending THOUSANDS of dollars on them and we are still often dissatisfied.

I want to write about everything from multi-directional skin tops, to sheitels with no part, to band falls, to hat falls to kippa falls (or topper wigs) as they are called.  There are a lot of different customs and interpretations of halacha (Jewish Law) when it comes to how women decide to cover their hair.  I also hope to bring together k'lal yisroel (The Jewish People) by helping us women understand each other and the way we cover our hair and not to be judgmental about it.  It is an extremely difficult mitzvah for some of us, and easy for others. 

Please keep sending your feedback and questions to - I love being challenged by your questions! 

Shavua Tov,


Rose said...

Thank you for putting up this blog. For women who wear hair due to hairloss, your reviews and how-to's are very useful as well.

To be honest, I didn't know about the Jewish custom to wear hair when you marry, before I started wearing hair myself due to hairloss. I would greatly appreciate it if you would explain more about this custom in a blog post.

I mailed Milano to ask about the freedom cap, and all they could say was it has a grip material inside so you don't need clips. Also, about the "European" hair they said the hair "could be" blended with Asian hair. If hair dries up wavy, it's usually Indian - but I thought that was considered non-kosher? I would appreciate if you could shed more light on this.

I won't buy a Milano freedom cap without having seen the interior and without knowing what hair type it is.

Another question: many hairloss patients like to bond their wigs at the hairline. As some of us prefer European hair, we often go and see Jewish wig makers. They don't seem to provide lace caps and sometimes say their pieces can't be bonded. I think a piece can always be bonded if it has material at the edge to bond. I know for instance, that Flora makes bondable wigs. Do you think Jewish wig makers will look into this more in future, or will it stay outside of their scope for some reasons? I know some people with healthy hair also like to bond their wigs, because the HH pieces can be quite heavy and tend to slide.

Unknown on August 2, 2010 at 11:53 AM said...

Rose, I know that more Jewish wigmakers are starting to sell lace front wigs. Some have now developed it as the custom of choice. One of the problems with bondable wigs for observant Jews is the Sabbath. We have a myriad of activities that we are not allowed to perform on Shabbat and there are a number of problems with the gluing/removing process for Shabbat.

Also, a sheitel macher once explained since observant Jewish women are wearing their wigs all day and washing often, a certain level of durability is required. She said that the lace front wigs would not last as long under these conditions.

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