Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sheitel Review: Jap Wigs 20" Band Fall

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 I heard about Jap Wigs from  Apparently, it was a new wig company that popped up in Brooklyn offering very affordable "European hair" wigs.  After reading a variety of views on Imamother I decided to order one.  JAP is more of a warehouse than a traditional Wig Shop, so it has very limited hours and limited customer service.  I was, however, able to buy one over the phone for an affordable shipping price.  No returns, just exchanges.  I decided to take my chance for $440, one of the cheapest prices for 20 inches of hair I've ever seen.

The fall arrived promptly.  I ordered a large 16/10.  The Cap was large enough to actually cover my hair line on the front of my hair.  I wear it an inch back which just meant there was actually EXTRA space in the cap area of the wig.  The cap may look similar to the Freeda stretch cap, but it is much CHEAPER quality and really not that stretchy at all.  However the best thing about this cap is the weight.  It is seriously the lightest sheitel I have EVER worn.  Now, most LONG sheitels are heavier and it is a common complaint.  One of the reasons that the Jap fall is so light is because the hair is sewn very thin compared to other falls/sheitels.  However, I think the thinness of the wig makes it look more realistic.

The hair is MATCH STICK straight.  This is a desirable look for someone like myself who used to spend hours straightening my wavy hair with a straight iron when I was single. The hair is probably chemically treated, either dyed, straightened or both.  It still feels pretty smooth, but it feels like processed hair.  As a dark blonde who used to highlight my hair I am used to that processed feeling and actually find it comforting in a sheitel, especially for a long one under $500.

The JAP 16/10 color is more ashy than the Freeda and Milano 16/10 and has much more streaky highlights.  If I remember correctly the JAP Wigs lady asked me what kind of highlights I preferred and I said a lot of highlights.  I was VERY happy with my choice.  The JAP fall even has a skin top... well a VERY small skin top.  It is about 1.5 x 3 inches in the front center of the wig.  The crown lies extremely FLAT which is great to make it look natural with a headband.  Some falls have too much volume on the top and it doesn't look natural with a headband...

To summarize.  If one is looking for an affordable STICK STRAIGHT, processed feeling fall that is extremely comfortable and light and a thinner look then the JAP fall is for you.

Weight/comfort: A
Hair Quality: C+
Skin top: D (falls do not need skin tops in my opinion)
Durability: C- (This fall WILL die with heavy use)
Appearance: B+
Cap Construction: C (machine stretch caps are not as flexible as hand tied)

Overall: C+ (but if you consider the $440 price relative to other falls I would say B)


Anonymous said...

Nice review! I think my next wig will be a JAP fall. The price for the length is amazing, and I love the stick straight look.

Looking forward to reading more, Chavi!!

Unknown on June 21, 2010 at 4:18 AM said...

how do you reach them?

Unknown on June 21, 2010 at 7:49 PM said...

You can call the number listed here on their website:

Anonymous said...

I have the long jap fall and i love it.I always get compliments on it.

Anonymous said...

I have a Jap wig and its hard to style it. I was told that it is not human hair but YAK Hair

Anonymous said...

what is that fish net thing in the front? Isn't it visible? What if you don't wear a headband? Is that even possible with this fall? Are Jap wigs really human hair?

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