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Sheitel Review: Freeda Riva Long 16-18 inch

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Here is the stock picture of the Riva Long from the Freeda website. It is described as a "16-18" wig with long layers and a multi-directional crown."

Picture to the right © 2007-Freeda Wigs.

I purchased my Freeda from in August 2008.  This is a 16/10. I paid $1600 for it.  I got it cut by Mati at the Fuzzy Navel Salon in Los Angeles.

The Freeda was a breath of fresh air after the Milano.  The most noticeable difference is the HAIR QUALITY.  The Freeda hair is extremely soft and silky.  I would describe the texture as straight with a slight wave.  This hair does hold a curl well.  I would often have it set by my sheitel macher with a curling iron and it would hold the curls extremely well.  Once I had it set for Rosh Hashana and the soft waves were still there when I got it re-set for Peasch!  (I only wore it on Shabbos that year).  As a dark ash blonde I have still not found a company that manufactures an out of the box color that matches my natural hair.  The Freeda 10 color is a little redder than I would like, but I have gotten many compliments on the color from random strangers.

Multi-Directional Skin Top

The Freeda has a much larger skin top area than my Milano sheitel.  I have styled the part on the left, right and center and they all worked great.  The part is shown here meeting up with the part in the side bangs.  You can also see the thin streaked highlight pattern in this photo.
The cap is a wefted stretch cap.  The wefts are sewn on in rows.  The advantage of this cap over open wefts is that the wefts cannot become twisted AND there is no chance of your hair showing through.  Freeda does a great job of creating a comfortable cap that has enogh give without feeling like it is going to come off.  There are a lot of tiny holes throughout the cap and therefore good air circulation.  There are bra-strap like clips that can be attached to the bottom of the sheitel for a tighter fit. I wear a size Large and it makes a HUGE difference in comfort for anyone with an above-average sized head.

Here is a picture of the back of the wig.  Hair is smooth and not frizzy, even when air dried.  My only complaint may have to do more with the cut in that the bottom layer causes the bottom of the wig to flip out, even with curled under.  It may also be the height of my wig head.  The wig is not as light as my Milano sheitel, but is by no means heavy or uncomfortable.  I had no problems wearing it all day to work.  In terms of its durability, I wore it everyday to work for a year and on Shabbos and it held up really well.  Like most skin top wigs, the skin top is the first to shed, but it does not need to have any hair added yet.

Wig is made in Ukraine

Weight/comfort: A-
Hair Quality: A- (sometimes the ends get wispy and small knots can form under the neck)
Skin top: A- (has stayed thick and can part in many directions easily)
Durability: A (has stayed in great condition)
Appearance: B+
Cap Construction: B+ (machine stretch caps are not as flexible as hand tied)

Overall: A-


AnickH on May 30, 2012 at 5:18 AM said...

i have an 18/22 yaffa pony thats surprisingly an ash blonde. i wish that freeda carried an ash blonde because i like their wigs too and i also like that they stock discontinued wigs of various cap sizes (on their freeda wigs web site)

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