Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Removing Hairspray

Posted by Unknown at 9:52 PM
Dear Chavi,
I had my sheitel done for a wedding. What is the best way to get the hairspray out?

Dear R,
This might sound rather simple but... Shampoo it!  Hairspray is intended to be washed out after use.  If you are washing at home and a residue is still present, I would recommend washing it again, making sure all the hair is getting wet and that you are gently rubbing the shampoo through it.  Afterward you can condition and dry.  Unfortunately, the only way to get it out is washing.  I would recommend having it professionally washed and set if you are having trouble getting it out at home.

Best of luck,


Rose said...

A good way to remove any build-up from hair, is to rinse with a vinegar dilution after washing. You can also soak or immerse the piece for 5 minutes in the dilution. Just a squish in a full basin of water will do. This will tighten the knots on hand-made pieces as well. It also closes the cuticle - use cold water to help this process. Don't rinse afterwards. It works on your own hair as well.

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