Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sheitel is darker on top!

Posted by Unknown at 2:34 AM
Dear Chavi,

I just bought a Sheitel and I noticed the hair on the bottom was lighter than on top. The difference was slight but when I bent the hair over to compare the bottom and top it definitely was noticeable.
I spoke to my Sheitel Mochur (The one who sold me the Sheitel) and she told me that natural undyed unbleached hair is often like that. Is this true? Or was the Shaitel bleached and they are just trying to finish the sale.
It was a color 6 and the bottom is lighter that a 6.

Dear BS,
The sheitel macher was not lying when she told you that natural undyed hair is often two toned.  Since the hair at the ends is the oldest, it was exposed to the sun for the longest, hence it had more time to lighten.  The new growth near the roots of the hair appears darker since it has not had as much exposure to the sun.  The fact that the hair color is slightly different makes me believe that the hair on the wig is NOT dyed.

I have had a lot of experience with hair dye and when hair is dyed a solid color all the hair becomes one color.  If the wig had been dyed after being sewn together it would probably be exactly the same color on the bottom and top!  That being said, there is no guarantee that the person who sold their hair to a wig maker never used lightening products or dyes on their hair.  Some people put in lemon juice to enhance the sun's lightening for example.  If the hair feels healthy and smooth then I wouldn't be worried about the fact that the ends are lighter than the roots.  However, if this really bothers you and you want a more solid color look then maybe you could actually buy a wig made of dyed hair for less money.

The two-toned look seems to be most noticeable on blonds, but can also affect brunettes by often turning the ends reddish.

Enjoy your new wig!

Left picture is example of hair that was dyed and grew out whereas the right picture shows two-toned hair as a result of the sun's natural lightening.


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