Monday, October 12, 2015

Combing out Knots

Posted by E at 8:17 AM
Hi Chavi
I am looking to start washing/styling my own sheitels and came across your videos. Do I need to purchase one of the better wig heads/the water repellent/cloth heads or is my styrofoam head enough?

Dear A

the block will give you more stability but you can certainly start on a styrofoam head.  Here are some options online:
Styrofoam Head $6

Block head $36

wig clamp $6

I just washed my fall for the first time and before washing it I got all the knots out. After washing however it was again very difficult to brush through and I pulled out hairs. Is this normal? In your video washing a fall it looked like you were able to brush right through. 

Dear A
its very important to section the hair and comb or brush small sections.  You will want to hold tightly near the cap of the wig on any knotted strands as a really hard brush stoke could pull out or break hairs.  You can section the hair with these clips and use a gentle de-tangling comb or brush to untangle the hair - You should brush your sheitel BEFORE washing it to get knots out and then be careful not to let it tangle more in the sink.
Sectioning Clips $10



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